Sunday, June 21, 2009

get dirty!

we did it...we finished the 2009 atlanta muddy buddy! and, if i do say so myself, we did really well! i was really proud of myself...i really worried that i was not going to make it and let pelham down.

what is muddy buddy you ask? it is a 10k run and bike with a buddy. each buddy starts running or biking and comes to an obstacle, both complete the obstacle and continue leap frogging each other until the finish line that is complete with a mud pit that you crawl through with your buddy. (by the way, this trail is part of the 1996 olympic mountain bike trail..yikes!)

here is the proof!here we are at the beginning...see how clean we were!

we were VERY nervous.

here i am finishing before the mud pit.

and here is the pit...apparently we were supposed to crawl on our bellies and not on our knees...oh well! pel decided to crab crawl.

here is some of the group that pelham runs with in south ga.

john was so sweet and got up at 5am and drove with the kids to cheer us on. it was awesome to see them along the trail. they were even dressed in hot pink for us! we signed mm up for the mini muddy buddy, but after she saw everyone going in the mud, she decided that it was not for her! they didn't even want to give us a hug. it was so funny!

until next year!!!

by the way, this is the mud before...looks innocent enough doesn't it?!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

all dressed up...

and some place to go...we went to a beautiful wedding last night so we had to put on our finest! if i do say so myself, i think that we cleaned up pretty nice. thank you beth and ken for inviting the kids...they thought that it was really special that they got to come to the wedding.

the kids only came to the reception for a little bit and then they were off to spend the night at grandmama's and grandaddy's. we were having fun in the grass while we waited for them. isn't this the cutest pic...they love each other SO much...can't you just see it in their eyes?

grady has come up with this really goofy smile. it is pretty funny...

love my cute family!!!