Monday, May 25, 2009

happy birthday mary maddox!

4 years is the amount of time that this little person has been on this earth...i have known her forever. i can't wait to spend the rest of my life loving her.

we celebrated her birthday at montessori before the end of the year. it is a really neat ritual...the kids walk pictures from every year of their life around the sun. i am not sure that have seen a more excited must be hard for her to wait all year and see all the other kids celebrating their birthday.

as you can see, she took being the line leader very seriously...her and amos aka "boyfriend"knew just want to do.

grady sat on line with mm and stayed after we left. she loved showing him off. i hope they always love each other this much.

we had her party today...we had an alice in wonderland theme. ms. bobbie was a hit!!!

have you ever seen a cuter alice?

happy birthday mary maddox, i love you!