Wednesday, April 30, 2008

we are now the proud owners of...

2 houses less than a mile away from each other! wow...we must be crazy! here is a sneak peek at the new house! we are really excited! let's just hope that our sweet little house sells!

here is one big reason that we are leaving such a great house and neighborhood...don't you just love this kitchen? (no the walls aren't as pink as they look in the picture) black and white tile floors, lots of cabinets, room for an island, a breakfast area (not shown in this picture), and a gas stove (don't worry, i have the fire dept's digits!)

here is the sunroom...we can't wait to sit in here and watch the kids as they play outside.

and mm's favorite..."the playground and play house"...she kepts talking about the new house at her playground...of course the house is secondary to the playground! the yard is huge! more pics to come later of the rest of the house and yard.

so...there you have it. we have given the current owner 10 days to move out. we are going to do a little painting and such before we move in since we aren't pressed for time. it is funny, i kept pushing back when i think that we are moving in. i bet you can't guess why that might be?!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

i can't help...

taking this cutie's picture...he is really into cheesing it up for the camera these days...and see, he doesn't even have a dirty face!

the hatchery.

we had a great neighborhood outing yesterday. greg, melina, & river moved in on park probably about a year ago...they are a great family...fortunately for the neighborhood and the world, greg works at the national fish hatchery in warm springs ( not sure exactly what his title or role is, but it has something to do with genetics and science, so naturally, i zone out...anyway, i think that he is saving the world one fish at a time...that is my story anyway.

he took us on a field trip yesterday to see the hatchery. it was super cool.

we got to do a bunch of things that we probably aren't supposed to is everybody feeding the catfish...i might have nightmares about those things coming out of the water and frying us up! that are pretty scary looking creatures...especially when 10 toddlers are waiting anxiously for them to eat the food that they have thrown inches from the bank!

this is greg, the super hero fish saver...he was letting the kids look to see what was in the ponds. mm was pretty excited.

another thing that we probably weren't supposed to be doing...those fish don't know how scared they should have been seeing this little boy coming after him. greg was catching newts and crawfish and letting the kids touch them. after this trip, i have a feeling that grady may want to go into catfish noodling. see below if you are not familiar with the sport!

on the other hand, i think that mm might be a priss. while i was trying to keep grady from falling in, i turned around to putting on my lipstick! (anybody notice how i can juggle this kids without putting the camera down...i have got some skill!)

don't we look hot...sweaty hot... not hot, hot!

we had a great time! thank you so much greg, melina, and river!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

sweet boy!

so, i have been hard on my little grady man lately...even with all the dirty faces, funny pigtail wearing, goldfish dumping, dog water bathing, porch jumping, under the dressing room door running, cat food emptying, ketchup licking, acorn hoarding, ear infection getting, stain-making, ice cream/sucker/fruit snack/sticky food loving, all around little boy acting...i love this little man and i wouldn't change him for the world!

by the way... thank you clorox, spray and wash, windex, pampers, heinz, benedryl, tylenol, and band-aid...we couldn't do it without you!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

big news!

and no i am not pregnant! (by the way, sorry about the april fool's joke, apparently it got a lot more people that i had expected. i am really sorry.)

can you spy anything unusual in the picture below?

yes, we are moving! anyway, this is the reason for the lack of posts lately. we are busy touching up paint, cleaning closets, and donating half of our life to goodwill after hours...(for those of you that don't have kids, that is after the kids go to bed!)

we are very excited and sad to leave this great little house, where we spent the first 5 years of our marriage, had our babies, and have gained the most wonderful friends! the good thing about it is we are only moving a mile away! crazy, huh?, but our friends and neighbors have assured me that we could still come to the neighborhood events. (by the way, i cleared that with them before i signed the contract on the new house) more to come on the new house soon, i promise.

so, if you know of anybody that needs a super cute little house with the best neighborhood in the world, please spread the word. i will be posting more interior pictures tomorrow.

i love pigtails!

i was putting mm's hair in a ponytail this morning and when i got done, grady turned around and backed up in my lap indicting that it was his turn...isn't he pretty?!

this is pretty scary...look at mm around the same age!

disney world!

okay, so it wasn't really disney world, but we did have a wonderful time in south georgia! (a little was under the assumption since we were going on a trip, that we were going to disney world. one of her friends from school had just gotten back from disney!)

we made the well overdue trip to south georgia to see two of my very best friends in the whole is just lucky for me that they happen to live 20 minutes away from each other!

we stayed with margaret, who you might remember from a previous post ( when she invited us to stay, i warned her what kind of damage hurricane grady and tropical storm mary maddox might cause...that did not deter her and she wanted us to come anyway! luckily, it seems like her beautiful home and husband weathered the storm! (those plantation shutters that grady rammed the dining room chair into might have thought differently!)

here is grady eating an ice cream sandwich...notice the pretty tablecloth that had to washed immediately!

here is grady giving tim a good-bye hug. don't they look sweet?

this was the morning after the storm. notice that margaret is trying to function the remote control car while she is sleeping! i love it! i told her that she should have listened to me.

on the way home pelham invited us to pick strawberries at her dad's farm. mm was really excited about it. when we went into the store beforehand, mm saw all the strawberries on the counter and yelled "oh, i found the strawberries!"

grady knew just what to do.

here they are inspecting their loot.

thank you so much to margaret and pelham for entertaining us down south! i love you both!

Friday, April 11, 2008

separated at birth...

i know that y'all are sick of looking at grady's dirty face, but when i downloaded this picture from our wednesday night neighborhood dinner, i figured out who grady looks like.

if you want some old school fun go here

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

home away from home

most of y'all know that mm and grady go to first presbyterian day care...most of you also know that without "school" mommy would be locked up somewhere! we have never had a bad experience and have loved every single teacher. i know that they love my kids so much and i am so thankful for them. i don't know what i would do without them.

anyway, the director at the school has recently started our website. i loved looking through it with mm and grady this weekend and they would tell me who their friends where and what they were doing. mm kept asking me, "mommy, can i go back to the computer to look at my friends?" it was really sweet because they spend a lot more time with them then anybody else.

here is the link

make sure you look at the crazy kids in the slide shows of toddler 1 and toddler 2 classes. (incidentally, mm dressed herself that day...can you tell?)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

3rd time's a charm or 3 strikes & you are out?...

here we go again! 3 kids in 3 years? lord help us! needless to say, john and i are very surprised about this little bit of news, but we have a little while to get used to it and we are excited. everything happens for a reason right?

april fools!

did i get anybody...probably not...i must give credit for this joke to a blog in which i am a blurker... . you should check it out...sorry to try to fool you...especially you, john!...not a funny joke, huh?