Monday, October 27, 2008

not so spooky?.....

i'm feathered!

feathered [feth-erd]

1. clothed, covered, or provided with feathers, as a bird or an arrow.
2. quick; rapid; speedy; swift: feathered feet.

having the bright idea that your kids need to be a type of fowl for halloween and coverting your den into a feathering station which results in feathered floors, feathered couch, feathered sewing machine, feathered pjs, feathered fingers, and feathered feathers. oh and a feathered off husband due to all of the above feathered mess!

ps...john really isn't really feathered off...he has however wondering how i am going to get all of the feathers cleaned up...i am wondering too!

Monday, October 13, 2008

help me rhonda!!

i need help. mm insists on being a duck for halloween (this all came about because her friend "lou" said she was going to be a duck, is this true lindsey?) anyway, i am going to attempt to make a duck costume, but need help trying to think of something for grady...i can't really think of anything that goes with a duck...goose, nah, egg, nah. so, here is a little contest...if have a good idea, leave a comment...i might even throw in a prize for the winning idea!!! oh, there is one can't be anything with a hat, bulky, or anything else that a picky 2 yr old won't wear...don't you see my difficulty?!

by the way, i really get into making halloween costumes...something about me making everything 10 times more difficult for myself than it has to day i will learn! here are the last couple of years



Monday, October 6, 2008

the beach

here a few pictures from the beach. we had a really great time...someone told me today that i looked rested and i laughed at them...i may have had a great vacation, but nobody got to rest!

we had this great idea that we were going to try to take family pictures down at the was not the best idea that we ever had, but i guess it was worth a try. the pictures turned out terrible...the sun was too bright (hence the squinty eyes), mm was mad that i made her wear a dress, grady kept running to the water to wash his hands, etc, etc. anyway, this is the best of the worst!

here is mm in her "shake her booty" bathing suit building sand castles

grady's mommy should really get him a haircut!

after we had tried and tried to get a couple pictures we finally let the kids play. i love this picture. this was the starting line for the race...or is it a commercial for sprint...more bars in more places...for some odd reason, i think that will is going to smoke them...

and while we were down there a nice funeral home let us borrow some tents. it was super cheep...we only had to dig 4 graves. let me give a shout out to turner, waters, waters, westmoreland helping families during their time of high sun to prevent sunburns and heat stroke. i joke about these gigantic tents and how silly we all look under them, but they are the only way that we can survive the beach!

hopefully i will have more to come in another post. stay tuned!

tina fey for president

i have to share this even though, i am sure that you all have seen this already. tina fey is an absolute genius. i am a proud republican and really like sarah palin, but this is hilarious...i don't care who you are!