Thursday, March 24, 2011

paper plane t-shirt for grady

so here is a paper airplane t-shirt that i made for grady for this contest. i apologize that is in not ironed, but come on...i have an antsy 4 year old, fading light, and excited dog to contend with! who has time to heat up the iron!

detail of the shirt

super detail of the stitching

detail of the plane. i liked the rough edges of this. i think it will be even better after a few washings!

airplane on mommy's feet

getting ready for blast off

"mommy, i thought you said only 2 more!" or... is he from europe and is trying to tell me something that we americans only do with 1 finger?

so, hello there friends. i know that i haven't blogging in a while...ahem 2 years...and i am sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't really a real post either. i am entering a t-shirt that i made for grady into a contest on a blog that i read, i am momma hear me roar. if it makes you feel any better, now that i am writing this, i really do miss the late night cataloging our crazy lives! i can't say that i will start back, but i have made those empty promises before...let's just all be surprised if it happens!