Monday, March 31, 2008


21. i wish i was a runner.
22. i love getting my hair washed at the hairdressers
23. mohawks give me the know the ones where the whole head is shaved bald except that piece down the middle...uh!
24. my favorite song is baby got back!
25. i secretly wish i had gone into construction.
26. i hate my handwriting.
27. i wish i was as organized as melissa.
28. i can't wait until april 15th.
29. i am dying to go to the beach!
30. the past few weeks, i have been thinking about ireland and feel the need to bring the kids there to meet their extended relatives. (don't worry, i am not stupid...this trip will have to wait!)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

speaking of gargamel and azrael...

i googled them to see if i was spelling their names right in the previous post and this picture popped up... see, i told you that they wouldn't stand a chance against grady-man!

pig pen...

has nothing on my little boy...

chocolate from easter.

this picture does not do this situation justice...notice how shiny grady's hand is...that is because it was covered in syrup...clearly the fork was not working for him...he then decided to skip the pancakes and just lick the syrup off of his hand.

yes, those are washable markers...apparently he was channeling his inner-papa smurf. I don't think that gargamel or azrael would have a chance against this little guy!

god forbid i take a shower... this is what i come out to... in case you are wondering the medium in which this child was working with, his face is grape jelly and his hands are purina...yes, purina. mm and grady were playing "let't cook for chance" mm was making grady get the dog food, put it in a bowl and she would cook it in her stove. needless to say, she was clean.

i have a feeling we are in for some very dirty, destructive years!...mud pies, here we come!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

happy birthday dad!

this is my favorite picture of my dad. (thank you lindsey for capturing it) it speaks so clearly of what he means to all of us and why. i hope that you had a wonderful day dad. we love you.


we had a fabulous easter that started off with me taking some time off of work to go to the kids easter egg hunts at school.
grady seems pretty pleased with his finds!

mm had her montessori egg hunt in the morning and it was really nice to stay a play with her and her friends. this girl loves to swing!

on saturday we went to great grandmama and great granddaddy's for lunch. i love this picture of my sweet mother in law, anne...doesn't grady look like her?

gran helped us dye some eggs.

didn't they turn out pretty? move over martha!

this is sunday morning after church...can you tell that they have already been into the candy? poor hailey didn't know what to think of my two crazy kids!

we did manage a nice family pic, using a sucker as a bribe...funny, that is becoming more and more common!

after naps, our friends , the kornek's invited us over for another egg hunt. see those baskets that grady is heading for...he proceeded to take all of their eggs and put them in his bucket...don't worry, i made him put them back!

i remember that i had a picture of me that was just like this...

my name is grady and i am a choc-a-holic...welcome grady.

although, it is awful to say... i welcomed going back to work the next day...two kids hyped on tons of sugar equals a stressed out mommy!

our computer crashed

literally! john and i woke up in the middle of the night to the most horrible crashing sound...I knew that there was a tree through the roof or a car in the living room...nope it was our computer crashing through the amoire in grady's room. the shelf collapsed and left our computer dangled there in mid air! scary huh? by the way, grady slept through the whole thing! (i guess that is one good thing about being a holy terror during the day is that he sleeps really well at night! ) anyway, that is the reason for the blog-silence this week, but i have a lot to catch up on...bare with me!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


is the score that my sweet husband made on his audit and final section of the CPA exam.

which means that I am now married to...dat dat ta da....

John Heath Westmoreland, CPA!

we are really excited! i have never seen anybody more dedicated and committed to something like this before. he has been through 4 sections of this exam which meant studying countless amount of hours...going to work all day, coming home to change, and going back until 8 or 9 or later. putting in full days of studying saturdays and sundays just to take the section exam, take a couple weeks off and start all over again for the next section. the kids have missed him. i have missed him. and he has missed all the things that he enjoys doing so he can do this for us. all of his hard work has paid off and we couldn't be prouder of him.

now if we can just make it 3 more weeks until the end of tax season, we are really going to party!

congrats jh, i love you so much!

Monday, March 17, 2008

it may not be easy being green...but it sure is fun!

we had a great st patrick's are some pics to prove it!

mm and grady put some mushrooms out for the leprechaun...he really enjoyed it. he even left a note...(by the way, we were in the kitchen getting the leprechaun something to drink. i was getting glass down when i asked mm and g if they thought that the leprechaun would like milk or juice. when i turned around, grady was handing me a beer! we are going to have trouble with that boy!)

we had the neighborhood kids over...i tried to convince them that papa emo was a real leprechaun, but they didn't believe me!

you can't fool this one!

i think that this little man might be the cutest leprechaun ever!...can't you tell he is trouble. he looks so much like his daddy here...not the trouble part, that is totally me!

here is my sweet friend melissa and her sweeter baby! couldn't you just eat him up?

the girls got into the painting after everybody left...i doubt ms pat lets them paint on themselves at montessori.

if you thought valentines was bad scroll down!

mm, don't paint on your face!...i'm not mommy!...right-i see that.

a mustache like papa's.

how could i resist this face? friend lindsey thinks that i am setting her up for a whole body full of tattoos! maybe she will get it out of her system now...let's hope!

we hope that your leprechauns had a great day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

happy birthday mom!

today is my mom's birthday...we celebrated by going out to a really fancy dinner (chick-fil-a) and a really snazzy outing (the grocery store) ...but we had a great time!

this past year since mom had her stroke has been really rough on her, but she is doing terrific. she has come an enormous way and we are all so proud of her... i don't think that many people would be able to cope with having a severe debilitating stroke, quit smoking, and go through menopause at the same time...but she did and we admire her strength!

so, happy birthday mom! we love you!

the question is...

will i ever get sick of "starring you" jib jab movies? the answer is no!

Monday, March 10, 2008

the big 3-0!...happy birthday jh!

we are a week late posting, but happy birthday to my sweet husband...there would be no "and co" without him. john turned 30 on the 4th! we made his favorite pudding pie and mm helped me put the candles in...there sure were a lot of candles! i am just glad that i can say that i am still in my 20's...for a couple months anyway!

God forbid that we leave for 2 minutes to clear the table and put candles in a pie! This is why we try not to leave grady unattended for very long!

what are we going to do with that boy!

i guess we have to keep him, because i am pretty sure that there isn't another little boy as cute as my little grady-man. incidentally...that is spaghetti sauce in his nose! doesn't he look like a mini daddy...that is okay with me, because i happen to think that his daddy is pretty cute himself! i love you john, happy birthday.

11-20...more funny things about little ole me!

here we go again!

11. i get upset if my magazines or books get wrinkled
12. i can't draw... and i am serious. i can paint, but i can't draw.
13. i hate, hate, hate my is like a turkey.
14. i can't resist stripes or polka dots.
15. i talked so much in high school, one of my teachers moved me next to her desk...i started talking to her so much that she moved me back...i didn't care who i talked to!
16. i traded my super cute jeep wrangler for a honda only practical decision!
17. when i was little, i wanted to be a nun when i grew up! HA! mom even made me a habit!
18. if i didn't have kids, i would drive a vintage mini (a red one!)
19. i hate my handwriting.
20. one of my favorite smells is a new cabbage patch kid!

So...what did y'all think about those?

Monday, March 3, 2008

does your laundry look like this?...

more of this cutie!

hailey was baptized today...we were going to do both grady and hailey the same day, but the snow storm messed us was probably better that way. i am not sure the church could take two westmorelands in one day, but i must say that she was a cutie!

here is a picture of the 3 kiddos. i had to photoshop grady in...he wasn't into the picture taking today!

happy 100th! is my 100th post on this little blog about me and my family and i have heard that you are supposed to post 100 things that you don't know about me on my 100th post...well, as most of you know, i am pretty much an open book, so this was a tough task! since i know that no one has time to read all 100 things at once, i thought that i would break it up into 10 at a time, so here goes!
  1. i secretly/not so secretly wish we could move to another country (preferably somewhere in europe) for 1 year. only a year though!
  2. my dream job would be writing and illustrating children's books.
  3. i don't have a favorite color, but i have a least favorite color...purple! it is fine on everybody else, but not me!
  4. when i was little i gave numbers 1 was the best, 2 always was there to help 1, 5 was the most popular, 10 was the most important, 9 was always really busy being the vice president to 10, and nobody liked 8 because it was always jealous because it wasn't 9 or 10! i know, weird huh? we should have seen my math phobia coming!
  5. i often don't buy things because i think that i could make it cuter!
  6. i love the smell of new cabbage patch kids.
  7. motherhood is ALOT harder than i thought it would be.
  8. i am obsessed with fonts...i could look at fonts all day! by the way, i just found this site where you can turn your handwriting into a font! i thought that it was really cool.
  9. i am a better mother because i work...that sounds awful, but it is true!
  10. i have wanted a volvo station wagon since i was 11...i know, that is weird too
so, here is the many of these did you know? let me know and stay tuned for 11-100! i am sure that it will just prove how really weird i really am!